Prayer For Marriages

Father, I thank you for being a repairer of the breach, even in our marriages. What the enemy has stolen, we thank you for restoration. Father we ask that you cleanse our hearts and our spirits. Deal with what has been robbing us from experiencing the passion and the desire that you have created us to have. I thank you that we will begin to experience and express unselfish love towards one another. I thank you that we have the same mind. I thank you for a new level of oneness. I thank you that we both give 100% and place our spouse’s needs above our own needs. I thank you that there are no dissensions among us. If there are, I pray that you will severe every ungodly assignment against our relationships. I pray that you will cause us to recognize when we are allowing others, and things to take the place of our spouse. I pray that you will help us to recognize offense and unforgiveness when it arises. Help us to take heed to ourselves. Show yourself strong and faithful on behalf of marriages nationwide in Jesus name Amen.
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