We must be able to recognize stress points in our lives and when we need a time out. Otherwise we find ourselves stretched beyond our breaking point. If this is you today, I want to pray for you.


Lord, I cry out for those that are at the point of breaking. Those that have been stretched beyond their own limits. Those that are depleted and still trying to make things happen. Today, I speak peace to their weary souls. I speak calm and a release from the pressures that they have even placed upon themselves. Grant them the grace to let go today. The grace to relax and unwind in Your presence. Grant them the grace to just breathe and be free knowing You are in control. In Jesus name Amen

God says, “Stop fighting and know that I am God! I am the one who defeats the nations; I am the one who controls the world.”
Psalms 46:10 ERV

Grace and Peace,


Your Breakthrough Coach ~ Challenging your perspective on life, love, and relationships

© Mary Pinckney, June 2017


Take Rest Oh My Weary Soul


When my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2 NKJV

It gets so hard at times balancing every aspect of life; marriage, family, ministry, and career. Where do I find the time for me? Where do I find the time to commune with my Heavenly Daddy? So much comes into play on any given day. Sometimes I feel as though I am sinking, I am drowning in it all. Then I hear Your still small voice saying, “rest in me.”

I hear you calling me back to a place of stillness, a place of much needed peace. I hear you calling me to breathe and allow You to replenish me. I long for that time in Your presence, Lord. I long to be near You. You calm the raging emotions inside of me. Just as Jesus spoke peace to the wind and the waves in the Gospels, You still my overwhelmed heart. It is in Your presence I find fullness of joy and at Your right hand, pleasures forever more.

It is in the stillness that I find peace; I find continual hope. It is in the stillness that I find rest for my weary soul. Take delight oh my weary soul. Take delight in the presence of Abba Father. Take delight in His loving arms. If you find yourself in a similar place today, I challenge you to find rest in the Presence of Almighty God. It is in His Presence that we find renewed strength, peace, and hope.

Father, we long for Your unfailing love in our everyday lives. When we are running on empty, emotions are high, and life is overwhelming, lead us to the Rock that is higher than us. Lead us to that place of refuge and peace that we so long for. It is in You that we find rest. It is in You that we find hope. It is in You that we find peace.

Go deeper: When life seems to overwhelm you, take out a pen and pad and journal your thoughts. Write a love letter to God telling Him how much you need His presence in Your life.

Grace and peace,


Breakthrough Coach ~ Challenging your perspective on life, love, and relationships
© Mary Pinckney, March 2017

Take Rest..


God has not overlooked you.

He is still at work making you and me into the vessels He desires us to be. Release the weight of the vision to Him, the anxiety and the “how tos” of accomplishing it all.

Trust Him to lead you to His expected end.


Take rest in Him as you await His perfect timing.

Father, teach us how to come to you and rest today. Your thoughts towards us are good and not evil. We can trust our lives, our visions, our dreams to you for safe keeping. Everything that we have committed to your hands you are able to uphold and bring it to full fruition. May we come to you and lay every burden down today and rest in your unfailing love.

Grace and Peace,


© Mary Pinckney 2015

Be, Just Be



For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good. Psalm 107:9 (AMP)

As I sit here listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, I realize how busy my life has been as of late. There is not always time to sit and just enjoy being. There is so much anguish involved in making everyday decisions and starting new projects, until it drains me of all my energy and my excitement about life. Oh to just be refreshed from time to time is what my soul desires.

I sit and I look at the waves with contentment. Thanking God for some much needed time away. The ocean so vast, so free in being what God intended it to be. It moves at the same steady pace, not rushed, not hurried, and just cascading back and forth under the gentle breeze. Oh the lessons to be learned today about life in general, just from this breathtaking view of God’s creation.

We too, are His creation. He made us. He fashioned us with purpose and intent. He has wonderful plans for our lives and in those plans are the exact instructions we need. Think about it. God instructed the ocean, go this far and no more upon creation.

We too have boundaries that are locked inside of God’s original intent for our lives. We have to take daily time outs just to sit and listen to His heart, drink in His goodness, and feed on His wisdom. After all, God has already given us the dreams, the aspirations, and the blueprints for our lives. He has already equipped us for the journey we will face ahead as we work to accomplish every aspect of that plan.

Do not let another moment pass you by. Take some time away just to be. Be refreshed by the voice of the Lord. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. The inspiration you need to go forth will come. Be, just be, in the presence of the Almighty.

Lord Help me I pray to see the difference time out from my daily routine actually makes. Refresh me as I sit before you content at just being your child. Refresh my soul and refill my heart In Jesus name Amen

Grace and Peace,


© Mary Pinckney, October 2014

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