Farewell, Goodbye, So Long….

Anyone else need to say goodbye to fear today? It is amazing how much fear robs us of without us knowing it. It is time to come face to face with the fears of your past and give the Spirit of fear its walking papers! It is time to arise to the grace that God has made available to us and live in the freedom His love has provided. Please know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Father, walk with us through the doorways of pain. Hold our hands as you lead us to a place of wholeness and peace. Allow us to know that your love for us will keep us and guard us throughout life’s challenges. May we find freedom in your unfailing love for us!

I want to leave with you today the lyrics and the video to Hello Fear by Kirk Franklin

Hello fear
Before you sit down there’s something I need to explain
Since you’re here
I think I should tell you since we last talked things have changed
See I’m tired of being brokenhearted
So I made a list and you’re on it
All my hopes and my dreams you took from me
I want those back before you leave
Hello fear
I knew I would see you,
You have a hard time letting go
See these tears,
Take a good look cause soon they won’t fall anymore
God’s healing my hurtful places
That seat that was yours now is taken
I’m no longer afraid; see I’m better this way
And one more thing before you leave
Never again will I love you
My heart it refuses to be your home
No longer your prisoner
Today I remember
Apart from you is where I belong
And never again will I trust you
I’m tired of fighting it’s been way too long
No longer your prisoner
Today I remember Who I was and now it’s gone
They’re gone
Farewell, goodbye, so long
Farewell, goodbye, so long
Farewell, goodbye, so long
Hello Grace
It feels like forever, I thought my chance with you was gone
See your face, it reminds me of mercy
And please let me say I was wrong
Never knew your touch was endless
How you never run dry of forgiveness
Didn’t know how bad it was, was afraid just because
Sorry fear, grace took your place

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