Cutting Corners

The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.”– PROVERBS 12:22

While riding to work one day, I heard a story on the radio about a night shift nurse. It really caught my attention. She oversaw changing the bandages at the beginning and end of her shift. She confessed to not taking the necessary time to change the bandages correctly at the start of her shift. Her reasoning was, “No one would see it.”

How many of us have done the same thing at one point in our lives — cutting corners because no one is watching? Yet, even when others aren’t watching, the Lord is. When we do what is required, what is honorable, even when others are not watching, it pleases the Lord.

We should strive, always, to be honest in everything we do. The Lord requires that we work not so much as men-pleasers but work to please Him. His eyes roam to and fro seeking someone who manifests His gracious nature. He is always watching. He knows the intents of our hearts even before we act or think.

If the Lord has afforded you the opportunity to work, then do not despise small, tedious jobs. Those small, menial tasks may be a test to see just how honorable you will be with the greater tasks. Will you pass the test?

Integrity always matters. The next time you are tempted to do just enough to get by, remember the glory God will receive when others see your life reflecting Him, even in times when it seems not to matter.

Father, forgive us for doing just enough to get by in our daily assignments. Help us to fully apply ourselves with our gifts and our talents to be a blessing to those around us. May we be honest and faithful as we serve you and others, and may the work that we do daily please you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Go Deeper — The next time you are tempted to cut corners or do something not completely honest, stop and pray. Ask God to forgive you and to give you the strength and stamina to complete the task with integrity.

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