My clients are my biggest supporters. What my clients think about me? Take a look

“Before I started working with Pastor Mary, I was struggling with fear, low confidence, and other various issues as a result of not growing up with an active father in my life. These issues were causing me to feel hurt, unloved, not good enough, and not beautiful; they also made it hard for me to step outside of my comfort zone. Since I’ve been working with Pastor Mary, I have found that I am more confident about my appearance and abilities and I step outside of my comfort zone and face my fears more. Also, I don’t struggle with as many daddy issues as I did before. I would highly recommend Pastor Mary to any woman of any age who needs to improve themselves and heal from any problems they may be facing because she is very understanding, wise, and helpful. Pastor Mary gives you beneficial assignments and tasks to complete that encourage and help you become a better you.”

Keanna Davis



“Before I started working with Coach Mary Pinckney, I was struggling with stress, anxiety and self-confidence. It was causing me to feel stuck and ineffective in life and my career. Since I’ve been working with Coach Mary, I have found that I’m more secure with myself and my abilities to be effective in my career and in my relationships with others. I see myself in a new light with gifts that I never knew I had. And I have experienced a greater clarity with my purpose in life. I have gotten a new position and instead of being fearful and anxious I’m excited about this new path. I would highly recommend Coach Mary Pinckney to anyone who is experiencing a lack of direction and who is struggling with anxiety. She asks questions and offer advice that is life changing. She assists her clients with getting to root causes to anxiety and stress.”

 Ami Moore



 “I pride myself in meeting my life’s goals, but even the most motivated or perceived “strongest” woman needs to be uplifted. God told me to reach out to My Breakthrough Coach Mary Pinckney, and I am grateful I was obedient. She has become a spiritual mentor and sister. Before I started working with Mary, I was struggling with building boundaries in my life. It caused me great anxiety. Since I’ve been working with Mary, I have found that the time I needed was always there; I simply needed to create boundaries to carve out the time to focus on God’s will for my life. Now, I have experienced more clarity in God’s plans for my life. She has even inspired me to step into my natural role of life coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to be motivated to reach your next level. She is a God sent woman of God who listens and offers wisdom.”
Carlo Dawson