Behold I Do A New Thing

I am going to do something new.  It is already happening. Don’t you recognize it? I will clear a way in the desert.  I will make rivers on dry land.  Isaiah 43:19 (GW)  


Behold I will do a new thing; the former things have passed away walk forth in the newness of life.  No longer look for it to be done like you always seen it. I’m doing a new thing in this season. It will not come as you suppose. Keep your eyes open and your heart focused on me and my voice. These are the words the Lord spoke during my time of intercessory prayer.

 Upon hearing this, it became apparent to me that we have gotten so accustomed to the old or what the Lord did for us before, that it has placed many of us in bondage when it comes to receiving what we need in this new season.  We must step away from what used to be and embrace what the Lord is doing now. God has promised to give us our daily bread, fresh provision, as seen in the lives of the Children of Israel.  Manna was given to them every day.  If they tried to save more for the next day it rotted.  It was not the Lord’s will that they got used to yesterday’s provision.   He wants us to trust Him daily as well.  It is now time to take the limits off of God.  He did not stop providing. We stopped receiving the moment we locked Him into a “method.”

 Father, forgive us for not trusting you totally. Teach us daily, I pray, how to seek you for our daily needs, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Help us to recognize your works in our lives and not become so fixated on how you move, in Jesus name. Amen


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