Uninvited Guests

He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls. Proverbs 25:28 (AMP)   

I struggled as I sat down to pen my thoughts. It was not because I had nothing to share but instead it was what I did not want to share. I knew the Lord was dealing with me about where I am currently and I was not ready to deal with.  However, I chose obedience.  

 I have been at a place of burn out lately. It is not because I want to be there, but because I failed to keep my established boundaries.  I am a stickler for keeping order and balance in my life because I am aware of the dangers. Lately we have had so much going on, successes, challenges, and just life in general. It can be quite difficult at times to find a place of solitude. I would like to draw from the story of Dorcas in the book of Acts 9:35-37a   (GW)…   A disciple named Tabitha lived in the city of Joppa. Her Greek name was Dorcas. She always helped people and gave things to the poor. 37 She became sick and died.


I believe we can be so consumed with the results and the rewards of our works that we fail to realize when we need a break. As ministers of the Gospel, we should not be driven by the response of the people. Instead, we must be driven by the voice of the Holy Spirit. When we fail to set boundaries and keep them we allow uninvited guests to enter our lives. In Dorcas’s case it was sickness and death. What will it be in your life, in my life? 

It is now time to take notice of where we are. Are we doing what we have been purposed to do? Are we just working to please people and ignoring the nudges of our Heavenly Father?  Only you can answer for your life.  Take a moment and revaluate where you are.  Give yourself permission to take a break.

Father, forgive us for losing sight of ourselves as we work to do your will. Help us to remember that we can’t be effective when we are not taking care of ourselves. Teach us the art of resting and being refreshed I pray. In Jesus name Amen

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