Praying for you…

Tonight’s post is a prayer that I wanted to share with you all. Much of my posts are dealing directly with issues I have faced.  I pray that you will find healing in these words. May your ears be opened to hear the voice of the Lord even through these words.

Father, I know that we have strengths and weaknesses that help us or cripple us.  Please teach us to focus on those areas that need to be addressed and deal with it. So often we recognize what is taking place but we fail to confront it Lord.  Point out those secret sins, those hidden faults, and those small foxes that spoil our lives and teach us how to deal with each area that keeps us from drawing closer to you like we should.  Lord, we need your grace in these areas.  We need more of you.  There is so much that you have placed on the inside of us to do. There are so many lives that we can help touch if we walk in the grace that you have given.  Work in us today, Lord, the will and the desire to do your good pleasure.  Help us turn away from our desires that pull us away from  holy living.  Destroy the strongholds that keep us in a carnal state of mind. Break up the fallow ground and create within us a new heart and renew a steadfast spirit within us.  I pray that you will have mercy on us Lord. Have mercy.  It is our hearts desire to please you but we still have so much to learn.  Please forgive us for wasting so much time and energy on things and relationships that are out of your will for us.  Help us to focus on the areas that please you. Father we repent for leading our own lives. Take control again, Lord.  We choose now to acknowledge you in all our ways and allow you to lead us.  Help us in the areas that seem hard to let go.  We trust you. In Jesus name Amen

Blessings to you. May you rest in His love tonight 🙂

(c) Mary Pinckney, February 2014

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  1. This prayer blesses my spirit. Thank you, Mary!


    1. Truth Within says:

      Thanks Robin! Blessings!


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