“More than Lipstick” – What is Needed in the Heart of Every Woman

It is time for us as Women to take our rightful place as The Daughters of Zion; expressing the heart of the Father through the beauty within. Rise Up and be who God has called you to be. Blessings Robin for penning these beautiful words. 🙂 Mary

Robin Lewis - Speaker / Coach

I recently visited a Merle Norman salon to meet the owner.  Since I write and speak about the value of women and men on our journey through life, I thought she might be a great person to partner with to speak value into women’s hearts while they try on make up samples.

merle norman lipsMerle Norman Cosmetics Co has a great little slogan complete with a lipstick kiss print next to it: “Merle Norman…on the lips of every woman.”  Very clever.

While I do have a favorite lip gloss and I do wear make up, we are living in a day where if we do not have the latest shades, or the latest designer dress, new boobs, or latest form of liposuction, we are “told” that we are simply not enough.  We are inadequate, not beautiful, not included, and sometimes unacceptable.

This is the culture we live in.  Instead of building women…

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