I’m Cheering For You..

1 Corinthians 15:57 (AMPC)  But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Often times we let ourselves down when we fail to live up to our full potential. We push everyone else but we often settle for less than our very best when it comes to ourselves. Believing in yourself begins with liking yourself. If you don’t like yourself you will never respect yourself.

Do yourself a favor today and dig a little deeper, run a little while longer. You have what it takes to make it happen. When you do, you will find yourself feeling more confident and stronger.  You will be able to run through troops and leap over walls.

I stand as a cheerleader for each of you, even as I cheer for myself! Never stop believing in yourself. You have so much to offer. If you have stumbled along the way, go ahead and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again. There is GREATNESS IN YOU!

Grace and Peace,


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  1. Mary, thanks for such a motivating word!

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  2. Thank you Barbara!


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