Are you listening?

Today, if you hear [my] voice, do not harden your hearts….” These words from Hebrews 3:15 stirred in my spirit this morning as I sat down to pen my thoughts. How often have we avoided the presence of God? It is so easy to get busy with everyday life that we forget to sit down and fellowship with our Heavenly Daddy. We often take for granted that we will be able to do it at a later time and it doesn’t always happen.


If we are not careful it can become a never-ending cycle until we hit a brick wall. Have you been there? It is imperative that we heed the voice of God when we hear it. The Bible tells us that wisdom cries out everywhere we go, but are we listening? Are we paying attention to His invitation to fellowship? It is during these moments that the Holy Spirit wants to show us love. He wants to encourage and strengthen us for the road ahead. He wants to warn us, or even chastise us and get us back on track. Are we listening?

I encourage you today to take a time out. Pay attention to the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit. Pay close attention to His invitation to speak to your heart. He will not force Himself upon you, but He will beckon you to come. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Draw closer today. He’s awaiting your presence.

Father, thank you for calling me into fellowship with you. Forgive me for the times I don’t obey and help me to be more consistent in my fellowship with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


If you do not have a consistent routine set up to read the Bible daily, try reading a Proverb a day for the upcoming month. It will be a great way to fill your day with the wisdom of God.

Grace and Peace,


Breakthrough Coach ~ Breaking you through to a better you


© Mary Pinckney, November 2016



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