Just in case you forgot..

Even though others may have cast you aside and abandoned you, the Lord your God never will. He promised to always be with you. Take courage knowing that He is a God of His Word.

 Be strong! Be courageous! Do not be afraid of them! For the Lord your God will be with you. He will neither fail you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 (TLB)

Lord I pray for all my brothers and sisters that have been dealing with issues of abandonment on today; those that have been rejected and feels as though they have been forgotten about. I pray that you will minister healing to their hearts. I thank you that you have not forsaken them.

Assure them of  your love. Your Word says that nothing can separate us from the love of God.  Assure them of your open arms of grace. When we come to you, you never turn us aside. Assure them of their place in your heart. Your Word says that we are the apple of your eyes.

Thank you that you are always there. You are a very present help for them in their time of need. May they experience your peace today. In Jesus name Amen


Grace and Peace,


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