Be a Seeker


But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.     Matthew 6:33 AMP

While reading Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Meyer, the above scripture stood out to me in a new light. Immediately, I felt like crying out. The Lord began to deal with me about letting go of unhealthy attachments. One of my greatest challenges was eating for comfort. The Lord revealed to me that I was striving after and seeking comfort in food rather than in Him.  Food is always easily accessible and it helps to soothe the pain for a moment.  Letting go of that comfort scared me, because now I had to learn new coping skills.  I must admit, when I began the process I felt weak and helpless, but the more I looked to the Lord, I found strength to endure. Now, I am on a path to freedom.

It is amazing, we all seek solace and comfort from outward things, ignoring the fact that our answer is in the Lord alone. What is your drug of choice? What is it that you chase after to help ease your pain? The Lord longs to set us free. In order to obtain that freedom, we must first make some exchanges: His love and acceptance for our fear and rejection, His healing for our brokenness, His peace for our chaos and His joy for our sadness. Temporary healing is not the Lord’s desire for us. He yearns for His children to be satisfied totally. When Jesus appeared to the Samaritan Woman at the well, He promised her water that would satisfy her thirst, not a sip, but a thirst quencher.

  Make a choice to seek, aim at, and strive after the Lord today. When you reach out to Him, you will find that He is a healer.  He can mend your brokenness and minister to the deep rooted wounds.  Most of all He can be trusted with your inner issues. Be a seeker, run to Him today and allow your healing to begin. He awaits you. Softly and gently Jesus is calling. Will you come?


Father, teach us to rest in you when we are hurting. It is in you we will find the comfort and the answers we need.  I pray that we will seek after you more than we seek after our necessary food. May our hearts thirst for all that you have to give. Only your living water will satisfy us.  In Jesus name Amen

What do you seek after and find comfort in when you are hurting, alone, tired, etc.?

Are you willing to make an exchange with the Lord today?  Are you willing to trade your sorrows and accept His healing, peace, or joy?



© Mary Pinckney, excerpt from my book Be Attitudes: A Devotional Journey to A Healthier and Happier You or


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