What If I Am The Real Enemy


The sick man answered Jesus, “Sir, I don’t have anyone to put me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I’m trying to get there, someone else steps into the pool ahead of me.” 8 Jesus told the man, “Get up, pick up your cot, and walk.” 9 The man immediately became well, picked up his cot, and walked. John 5:7-9 (GW)


The truth is sometimes I like where I am. I want the finished work without putting forth the necessary effort. I want it handed to me on a silver platter. There are times I feel I deserve that much after everything I have endured. I am entitled to something being free and easy. I have suffered enough! Why do I have to work for it Lord? Welcome to my venting session with the Lord.

This particular morning as I read the passage here in John 5, I could relate all too well to the man that lay by the water all these years. I had become tired of fighting and wanted nothing more than for God to supernaturally bring deliverance to every area of struggle. No more relying on grace, no more seeking Him for comfort; just with one touch from His hand. I wanted Him to make this all go away.

At that very moment, I sensed the Holy Spirit assuring me that would defeat the purpose of all that I had gone through at this point in my life. What would happen if I failed to learn the lessons from this last season? Yes it may be hard to keep allowing the purification process to continue. He has been working in me to rid me of every hindrance that would keep me from walking in His best; pride, trust issues, and resentment, just to name a few.

I want nothing more than to be in a place where I can receive fully from Him. That’s my heart’s desire, but what if I am the real enemy? My giving up and holding on to these things would be a greater defeat than falling prey to Satan. Nope! I can’t have that. I have come too far to allow him the victory. I decided to get up and apply the lessons that the Lord was teaching and I encourage you to do the same. His grace is sufficient!

Prayer: Father all too often I want to follow my feelings and just throw in the towel. I know you love me and want what is best for me, but it is so easy to just give up. I realize that I am not always the only one here; I pray that you will encourage my brothers and sisters that are dealing with this same issue. Strengthen us all in our inner man and help us to gird up the loins of our minds. Teach us to hold fast to your hands as you guide us along the paths that are best for us. In Jesus name. Amen


Grace and Peace,


© Mary Pinckney

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  1. Great post! Thank you for the encouragement. I receive all that your prayer offers. Blessings.



    1. Truth Within says:

      As always, thanks for the feedback. May God’s grace continue to be manifested in your life.


  2. Truth Within says:

    You are welcome 🙂


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